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Theodore’s Leaf Polish

Houseplants add beauty to your home but the foliage can develop a dull appearance over time due to the build-up of minerals from water, dust and dirt. The oils and waxes from other shine products also end up sticking to dust particles, making upkeep challenging. Use a natural leaf polish that allow your plants to breathe through their leaves’ little pores without clogging them. Plants are gorgeous au natural, but this leaf polish will enhance your plants’ beauty and keep them looking at their best, without sacrificing their health. Made thoughtfully with distilled water, distilled vinegar, castile soap and lemongrass essential oil.

Theodore’s Plant Fungus Suppressant

Much like humans, plants are susceptible to a variety of diseases with more than 8,000 fungi-related known causes.  They are prevalent and diverse, making it highly possible for your plants to develop a fungal infection at some point in their life. A visible sign of an unhappy plant appears as white powder on foliage which feeds on other organisms, impeding growth or causing them to decompose.  Protect them naturally and houseplants will live up to their natural potential, keeping them healthy and happy! Made thoughtfully with distilled water and tea tree essential oil.

Theodore’s Plant Spray Insect Deterrent

The simplest way to enjoy the goodness of nature and the outdoors is having plants inside your home.  They are the best air purifiers and help reduce your stress and anxiety. However, one of the problems of keeping them is bugs. These annoying creepy crawlies live and chew on leaves which cause holing or browning of your foliage. This broad-spectrum all-natural insect repellant will easily complement your green lifestyle, keeping family and friends, both leafy and furry always healthy! Made thoughtfully with distilled water, castile soap, essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, thyme and clove.