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Theodore’s Baby Wash

Only pure and botanical extracts and premium vegetable oils known to naturally nourish and moisturize baby’s sensitive skin goes into this natural luxury line for your little one.  A baby wash lovingly created by one finicky mom for another, who desires only the purest and greenest ingredients to touch her baby’s skin.  Made thoughtfully with olive oil, coconut oil palm oil and lavender essential oil. 

Theodore’s Calming Aromatherapy Mist

A deeply soothing and calming blend to create a tranquil environment.  Lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils have been clinically proven to be effective at reducing stress, anxiety and promoting a restful sleep for your little one.  Spray into the air of your nursery.  Alternatively, spray once on baby’s crib, linens or favorite blanket before bedtime, naptime or anytime you need some help to settle your baby.  Made thoughtfully with distilled water, lavender, chamomile and sweet orange essential oils. 
Theodores Monster Spray

Theodore’s Monster Spray


Protects, calms and soothes little people and their bedrooms

Childhood may seem like a happy and carefree time but even the youngest tots worry and feel stress too. Learning to express their emotions, separation anxiety or developing new motor skills can sometimes create pressures and the world may seem like one scary place. You can’t always shield your kids from stress but you can help them cope by ensuring they are getting a good night’s rest and creating an atmosphere of calm and security.

This soothing and calming bedtime spray is carefully handcrafted with a fragrant blend of essential oils to help chase away the “monsters” and night time fears.

Made thoughtfully with witch hazel extract, lavender, chamomile and sweet orange essential oils. 


Theodore’s Nursery Freshener

Your little explorer will pick up objects they find attractive such as toys that often end up in their mouths, since it is the center of gratification for children.  While germ exposure is important in building a healthy immune system, there are times when certain toys need a good sanitizing.  This nursery freshener is made thoughtfully with distilled water, distilled white vinegar, lavender and tea tree essential oils. 

Theodore’s Toy & Nursery Cleaner

This toy & nursery cleaner is lovingly made with natural essential oils to freshen and sanitize. This pleasant odor neutralizer is perfect for moments when a little fresh air is needed.  Spray into the air, bathroom or diaper pail to infuse a clean and fresh ambiance after the kids have made it smelly!  Made thoughtfully with distilled water, grain alcohol and lemon essential oil.