Why Use Non-Toxic Cleaners: Top 5 Reasons

Almost everyone knows how damaging strong chemicals are when sprayed on food or included in skincare products. But what about the products we use to clean our homes? Here are our answers to the question, “Why use non-toxic cleaners?”

Why Use Non-Toxic Cleaners: What Everyone Has to Know

1. Non-toxic cleaners are safe for children.

Children like to play. They sit on the floor, touch the sink, and lick the walls (we know they do).

Imagine the number of chemicals kids come in contact with. It becomes worse if they touch certain areas right after you clean them.

By using natural cleaners, you stop exposing your kids to strong chemicals. You can also help kids stay calm using non-toxic sprays specially made for them.

Lastly, children can help you with household chores. It’s because non-toxic cleaners are totally safe. Talk about useful bonding.

2. Non-toxic cleaners are eco-friendly.

Switching to non-toxic cleaners will not only help your family. It will help save the environment as well. 

Chemicals in regular cleaning agents easily get absorbed by water. As a result, they go down drainage systems and into bodies of water. 

Without a doubt, they cause environmental damage. Built up over time, toxic cleaners further damage our environment.

Natural cleaners don’t have these effects. They’re made of sustainable and natural ingredients. In short, they don’t harm the environment. 

3. Non-toxic cleaners make the air cleaner.

Particles of regular cleaners mix with the air whenever you use them. This explains the strong odors toxic cleaners emit.

It’s not just about the odor though. These particles cause indoor pollution as well. They make the air dirty.

The simple solution? Switching to natural cleaners. 

Plus, multi-purpose non-toxic cleaners are usually infused with natural scents. After all, who doesn’t like the scent of lavender or lemon? 

A few people perhaps. Their lives need a little fragrance though.

4. Non-toxic cleaners don’t trigger allergies.

How many times have you sneezed or coughed while using toxic cleaners? Don’t count. We know it’s a lot. 

Regular cleaners also have the power to trigger headaches and skin rashes. This is because of the toxins in them.

You also have to know that regular cleaners contain a lot of ingredients. Some of them are disguised behind uncommon terms. 

Just think about the times you encountered the ingredient perchloroethylene. Hint: it’s a neurotoxin and possible carcinogen. Yes, it’s bad for your nerves and might cause cancer.

5. Non-toxic cleaners protect your properties.

Traditional cleaners like muriatic acid and bleach can damage your properties. They can negatively affect your pipes, floor tiles, and toilet bowls.

Some regular cleaners are just too strong that they become corrosive. They’re also the culprit behind fading tiles and paint.

In addition, the chemicals that come with typical cleaners go down your pipes. The more often they do, the more damage they cause. 

When built over time, your pipes become weak. Worse, they burst. And burst pipes are difficult and expensive to repair. 

Don’t forget about the mess they make. Your house will become a water park for your kids. Good for them, but not for you and your pocket.

A Wrap-Up of “Why Use Non-Toxic Cleaners”

Listen, if you want to:

  • ensure your children’s safety
  • help save the environment
  • make the air cleaner
  • avoid allergies
  • protect your properties,

you should switch to non-toxic cleaners. We don’t know about you, but those reasons make us want to throw away all of our traditional cleaners at home.

So the next time you doubt about using natural cleaners, come back to this guide. We’ll remind you of the answers to “why use non-toxic cleaners”.

Best New Year's Resolution in 2021 for Filipinos

8 Best New Year’s Resolution in 2021 for Filipinos

A Must Read: Best New Year’s Resolution in 2021 for Filipinos

With only a few days left in 2020, many of us are gearing up for a better 2021. What better way to gear up than sticking to a new year’s resolution? Here is the best new year’s resolution in 2021 for Filipinos.



best new year's resolution in 2021 for Filipinos
Image by oldsaltfarm.com


1. Create a cleaning schedule that you can follow.

One of the best new year’s resolutions in 2021 for Filipinos involves a lot of cleaning. Since it looks like the pandemic isn’t going to end soon, keeping your home clean during the pandemic is a must.

If you did not regularly clean and disinfect your home in 2020, it’s time to take it up a notch. Remember to give extra attention to high-touch surfaces and use non-toxic products if you can.


best new year's resolution in 2021 for Filipinos
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


2. Learn a new, useful skill each month.

From baking to making crafts, there are tons of useful skills you can learn in 2021. After all, Youtube features a lot of free tutorials.

Plus, if there’s a certain skill you’ve always wanted to learn but didn’t have the chance to, 2021 is the best year to learn it.


best new year's resolution in 2021 for Filipinos


3. Start meditating your way to a peaceful life.

Studies show that meditation can help relieve anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. It can even help people with high blood pressure and irritable bowel.

And no, we are not telling you to enroll in a yoga class right away. You can simply sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing for at least 10 minutes per day.


best new year's resolution in 2021 for Filipinos


4. Drink your water, dear.

Many Filipinos, if not most, don’t drink enough water per day. As a result, they get dehydrated. You don’t want to faint under the scorching sun, do you? So, don’t forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Replacing your over-the-daily-limit consumption of coffee or juice with a glass of water also helps.


best new year's resolution in 2021 for Filipinos


5. Read at least one book per month.

As the famous Ernie Baron said, “Knowledge is power.”

Since books are among the best sources of knowledge, it’s just fitting that you try reading at least one book per month. The book doesn’t even have to be technical or academic. It can be any novel that’ll open your eyes to the real world


best new year's resolution in 2021 for Filipinos


6. Support local entrepreneurs.

The next item on the list of the best new year’s resolution in 2021 for Filipinos involves local enterprises. From non-toxic disinfectant sprays to handmade scarves, local businesses have a lot to offer.

Instead of buying from multi-national corporations, why not support your fellow Filipinos? Remember, supporting a local business not only benefits the owner/s but the Filipino economy as well.


best new year's resolution in 2021 for Filipinos
Photo by HandlingHomeLife


7. Practice the art of decluttering.

Marie Kondo, the Netflix phenomenon, once said, “Get rid of what doesn’t spark your joy.”

This may sound overrated, but it’s true. Donate the items to a charity, give them to the homeless, or send them to your friends. Take note, the things that don’t spark your joy can spark joy in others.


best new year's resolution in 2021 for Filipinos


8. Give attention to your mental health.

Did you know? The Philippines has the third-highest rate of mental health issues in the Western Pacific Region. Thus, paying attention to your mental health is necessary.

It pays to seek professional help whenever you feel like everything overwhelms you. It also helps if you can schedule a mental-health day at least once per week, in which you can do relaxing activities.


We get it. Following a new year’s resolution is hard. However, if you want to genuinely start fresh this 2021, it’s high time to stick to the best new year’s resolution in 2021 for Filipinos.


Keeping Calm During the Pandemic

Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay

Pandemics are a stressful time for everyone. Stress can be caused by fear of acquiring the illness, financial instability, and prolonged isolation. All these issues can lead to rising stress levels that can lead to even deeper mental health problems. The entire world is in partial or complete COVID-19 lockdown, and the isolation can take a toll on your mental health. For parents, staying cooped up with kids can even lead to depression and burnouts. It is, therefore, important to take care of your mental health and to keep calm during this pandemic by following some of the steps below.


Keeping Calm During the Pandemic

Staying Healthy

The biggest threat during a pandemic is getting sick. Keeping your body healthy should be your number one priority. This can be done by ensuring you and your family enjoy nutritious meals rich in vitamins and minerals so as to improve the body’s immunity. Regular exercise also helps keep in shape and to relieve stress. It also keeps your mind and body occupied, thus keeping away stressful thoughts.


Keeping Calm During the Pandemic

Avoid Overconsumption of Social Media

Staying home all the time may lead to an overabundance of time that you may wish to spend on social media. You should, however, avoid too much social media during a pandemic. This is because meeting depressing news each time may affect your mental health and heighten stress levels. Reducing your social media exposure is vital in staying calm during the pandemic.


Keeping Calm During the Pandemic
Image by memyselfaneye from Pixabay

Avoid Unverified Information

The COVID-19 pandemic has also led to an increase in fake viral posts, especially on social media like Facebook and Instagram. You should therefore avoid any unverified information, or seek verification about viral posts from credible sites such as government health sites.


Keeping Calm During the Pandemic

Maintain a Routine

Routines during a pandemic help create a semblance of normalcy. All the changes brought about by the pandemic can be overwhelming and stressful. Keeping a routine not only keeps you busy but also creates the sense that everything is normal.


Keeping Calm During the Pandemic

Connect With Others and Seek Help When Needed

When all is said and done, it is also essential to maintain social connections to retain sanity during this period. Make sure you check up on friends but steer away from pandemic-related topics. Also, it is crucial to seek help from a therapist if you feel depressed or overwhelmed by pandemic-related issues.


How to Keep Your Home Clean During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Keep Your Home Clean During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With staying at home being a highly effective way to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping our houses clean is a must. 

But first, what’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?

Cleaning vs Disinfecting

Cleaning Vs. Disinfecting

Simply put, cleaning means removing contaminants (e.g. dust and dirt) from a surface. On the other hand, disinfecting means killing pathogens (e.g. coronavirus). 

The CDC recommends doing both, especially if various people go in and out of your home.

How to Keep Your Home Clean During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Clean First, Disinfect Next

Though rare, transmission through surfaces is possible. Experts recommend that we clean surfaces first, then disinfect them. 

These must be done daily given that we all interact with the outside world, whether it’s leaving for work, getting groceries, or receiving deliveries.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home

High-touch surfaces such as doorknobs and tables must be cleaned first to remove contaminants. A natural, non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner is the best product for this. You can also opt to use surface-appropriate cleaners such as kitchen sprays and toilet & bath cleaners.  

How to Keep Your Home Clean During the COVID-19 Pandemic

After cleaning, you should use a disinfectant to kill the novel coronavirus. To ensure its effectiveness, please make sure that it’s approved by the FDA

That’s it. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces daily can help keep your home safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. And did we tell you that a clean, Monica-approved home is more relaxing than a dirty one?